We’re Learning as We Go!

Thank you to the editors who have provided early support to the NEHP by submitting data forms. We appreciate your support.

Peggy and I are trying to come up with a consistent format for the forms posted online. We have been adding a picture of the journal cover to the top right corner. If you can send a picture of cover when you submit your form, that would be most appreciated. We have modified the data form to allow you submit an extra file. Standard picture formats: jpg, png, or gif are best. If you don’t know how to save a picture or don’t have one, that’s fine. It is not essential for the project but we do think it adds a nice little touch to the form.

We have also been scouring the archives and coming up with inaugural editorials for journals, which we find very interesting and informative about a journal’s history, especially at the time of its founding. These editorials also provide the editor’s vision, in many cases. Since our purpose it to document who the editors have been for the journals that are listed, we believe these source documents are a rich source of data. When we have an editorial, or can access it, we are appending it to the data form. You can see examples for Nurse Educator and Nursing Inquiry.

If you have an editorial (or other documentation) that you can submit with your form, that would be very helpful and save us some work. But if not, no worries–we’ll do what we can to find the information.

Please let us know what you think about the NEHP! We are interested in your feedback and thoughts.

Leslie Nicoll, on behalf of Peggy Chinn and the NEHP

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