The Vital Role of Editorial Leadership

Today the “Scholarly Kitchen” posted again a blog written in 2014 that spelled out the vital importance of editorial leadership. In my view, this post is especially important in relation to our “Nursing Editors History Project.”  Leslie and I established the project because of our conviction that nursing journal editors provide essential and influential roles in shaping not only their own journal, but in turn the emergence of the nursing discipline. And we realized that the people who fulfill this role are all too often lost to history. Each editor’s particular vision, convictions and perspectives exert a particular influence on the journal while they hold the position, and when the person in the position changes, something significant happens in the journal.

I urge our visitors to take a few moments to read the Scholarly Kitchen post, and return to share your comments as well!

Revisiting: The Editor — A Vital Role We Barely Talk About Anymore

– Peggy Chinn (co-founder with Leslie Nicoll of NEHP)

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