Journal Database

The Journal Database, along with the Editor Listing, is the heart of this project!  We envision adding to the database over time in order to provide as complete a record of the editorial leadership of as many worldwide nursing journals as possible.  We will add to the database as new information is submitted.  We include only those journals that qualify for inclusion in the Nurse Author & Editor/INANE Directory of Nursing Journals.

The database is organized into “US” and “International” sections in order to highlight and emphasize the fact that although publishers and editors of nursing journals are predominantly based in the United States, there is a significant presence of nursing literature based in other countries.  We recognize that many publishers have both US and international headquarters, and editorship of some journals has shifted from the US to other countries. So in some cases we have “placed” a journal in the “US” section based on its widespread recognition in the US, and not based solely on the location of the editor or the publisher. At the present time only nursing journals that are published in English are included.

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